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Plenty of art and design technology work going on today from Herons - getting all the props ready for the production.

Herons, being historians and learning about village life as an Anglo - Saxon

Herons are creating a factfile about the Anglo-Saxons

Science - Herons have been learning how to separate materials using filtration, evaporation, sieving and magnetic attraction.

Our topic for this half term is called Super Sleuth. We are looking forward to visiting the beautiful setting of Tatton Park, this week for an exciting start to our History work about 'The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings'. Image result for tatton park vikings This is what they say about the visit- 'Explore the turbulent world of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings in 10th Century AD in this exciting, hands-on workshop. Arrive at our settlement just after a Viking raid has taken place and see the effects it has had on the Anglo Saxon community. Our historical characters will help you examine what life was like for these two groups of people; considering home life, religion, work, battle, trade, food, language and geography.'

The Anglo - Saxons and Vikings wasted nothing and used various materials available them, to help them live their lives.


This term, we are learning about Light. Herons are demonstrating how light travels, using objects from around the classroom to explain how light travels from a source (sun), hits and object (chair) and bounces into our eyes so we can see it. We definitely have some young Einsteins in the making!!!



The children were learning about Refraction. There were some excellent scientific thinking from the children to try and explain why the straw looks broken when it is in the cup of water.

Inheritance and Evolution 

To start the Autumn term off, Herons were learning about Inheritance and Evolution. We researched many species and how they have adapted to suit their environment. The children produced fantastic art work showing how animal camouflage themselves to hide from prey and predators. They produced fact books and created their own species that had adapted to suit its environment today!



Blackpool Zoo Trip

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