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Welcome to Herons!


Hello and welcome to Heron Class! On here you will find information for year 5's from Mrs Handley and for year 6's from Miss John. We will be adding plenty of pictures for you to browse through along with power points, sites and information for you all. There will also be a range of revision activities for Year 6's. If you would like to see anything specific on here then please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you, Miss John and Mrs Handley.

Year 5 Summer Information Booklet


Watch this space to see what we have been doing during our healthy lifestyle week (June 6th - June 10th).


Look what we did last half term....

Last half term may have been short, but we definitely fit a lot in. Our new teacher Miss John, joined us on April 24th. We said our goodbyes to Mrs Dawson on May 3rd who left us to go on maternity leave (she has since had a lovely baby boy). On Monday the 8th May, our year 6 children began taking their SATs tests. We were so proud of how hard they worked. On Friday the 19th May, Mrs Clarke arranged a fantastic jobs fair, where the children were able to chat with lots of different people about their career choices, these included: scientists, police women, a boxer, an architect, a plumber, an artist, a nurse and a vet. The following week, we were all treated to a fantastic performance of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Year 6 were really lucky: they were able to ask the cast questions and try out different roles. We ended the week by taking part in some fantastic sports activities, organised by local secondary school pupils.

Saying goodbye to Mrs Dawson.

We really enjoyed finding out about different career options during out jobs fair.

Year 6 getting into character with the performers from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Having a fantastic time learning new skills from local secondary students.




Year 5 have been getting to grips with their new class novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, linked with the Topic- Inventors and Inventions.  Well done for completing your homework task on the topic, another excellent job!   As we read the book we will be developing our amazing Year 5 writing skills. 


In Maths we are working on our formal calculation skills so that we can apply them to word problems.


The children continue to work very hard and are very proud of their learning this year! 


Well done to all of Herons, who carried out an assembly based around the very important topic of internet safety and cyber bullying. Each group presented what they had learnt in a recent workshop, from our local PCSOs Debbie and Donna, through PowerPoints, posters and drama. 

During the assembly, parents came to watch along with the rest of the school, Debbie and Donna and the local chief Inspector. We were very proud of Heron class and the Chief Inspector said it was the best assembly they'd seen to date. 

When Heron Class visited Albany High School.......


World War II

We have started our WWII topic in History and the children are thoroughly enjoying it. Keep a look out for the activities and work the children will be doing.

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This year's residential is from Monday 12th June until Wednesday 14th June 2017. Please use the links below for any additional information needed. 


We are so proud of five of our Year 6 girls who (without being asked) have been litter picking on the way home from school. They are excellent role models to the rest of the school and as a result have received green slips from the Mayor of Adlington, Alison Evans. Well done girls! 



Year 6 SATS booster classes will start on Wednesday 25th January, after school until 4:15pm. These will continue every Wednesday until informed otherwise. 

The children are extremely motivated and enthusiastic about their up and coming assessments, particularly receiving their new SATS revision books!

SATS WEEK 8th - 12th MAY 2017 - all children must be in school. 




Our fantastic FBA team reading with the other classes in school

Martin Mere Viking Experience March 2016

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