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Science week 2021

We really enjoyed science week and our STEM NFU project that involved designing and creating our own British yoghurt. Throughout the week we learnt all about where milk comes from and how it is used to make yoghurt. We set up our own milking station outdoors using rubber gloves as udders. We loved having a go at milking a cow! We watched film clips of robotic milking machines down on the farm and the process of pasteurisation. We also learnt about how milk is used to make yoghurt and watched video clips of a yoghurt factory. We learnt about where fruit comes from and talked about our favourite fruits and flavours of yoghurt. We found that strawberry was the most popular flavour and our most favourite fruit. We made a class pictogram to show our favourite fruits. We then designed and made our own yoghurts, adding fruits grown in Britain. We practised our chopping skills using the claw, bridge and fork secure methods to cut our fruit. We then ate our yoghurts- they were delicious! 

During the week we also talked about seeds and that fruits grow from seeds. We then planted our own seeds, talking about what they need in order to grow. We put them in pots with soil and gave them water, light and have kept them at the right temperature. Over the coming weeks we will watch and observe how they grow! 

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