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Friendship Week

Friendship Week


This week the children have participated each day in friendship activities. Each morning they had a session with Rock Kidz, learning new songs all about friendship. 


The children created some lovely friendship keys, paper chains and they even made their own shields to protect themselves from bullies. 


An important message came from one of the activities this week. I showed the children two identical apples, I began to call one of the apples nasty names and asked the children to do the same. I then complimented the other apple and the children did the same. Then I cut open both of the apples, and the children noticed that inside the apple that we had been calling nasty names were bruises. The children learnt that bullying can affect feelings and can bruise people on the inside. 



The children have also worked really hard learning all about fractions of shapes in Maths and they have planned their own fire poems in English. I will upload some of the poems once they are finished!

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