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Welcome to Owl Class!


Teacher: Mrs Faye Cooper

HLTA: Mrs Lisa Clarke

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Karen Aspinal 


On behalf of the team, a huge welcome to Owl Class!  We are really looking forward to working with you and your child this year, and helping them to grow and learn.


We will try and ensure that these class pages are updated regularly with photos and information about the children's learning journey.  However, if you need any more information about the learning we are doing or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!   


Week Commencing: 22.1.18

This week it is Owl Class assembly.  Have a practise of this song and actions if you get chance, Owls!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week Commencing: 15.1.18

Ahoy shipmates! We are really enjoying our pirate topic in Owl class at the moment and since we have come back to school we have read two Jonny Duddle books  - The Pirate Cruncher and The Pirates Next Door.  We can't wait to find out what happens to the Jolley Rogers in The Ghostly Galleon!

We are learning a story called 'Kassim and the Greedy Pirate's Treasure' for our class assembly and are using oral storytelling and actions.  We have been practising our writing this week too and have been describing pirates in special WANTED posters.  Here is some of our shared writing: 

Picture 1
We have had a lovely Pirate Day too!  Pirate portraits, wanted posters, co-ordinates treasure maps...We've been busy!  We even had time for a treasure hunt.  Arrrrrrr!

Week Commencing: 4.12.17

This week has been yet another busy one.  We have spent some time practising for our Christmas production of 'Lights, Camel, Action!'.  We have been learning to deliver our lines, thinking about stage directions and dancing and singing!  Thank you for all of your support with this special learning.  


We are also currently trialling ClassDojo!  This is a positive reward system and the children are very excited about the prospect of earning points for demonstrating values, attitudes and skills such as hard work, perseverance, kindness and super spelling (to name but a few).

Week Commencing: 27.11.17
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This week has been 'Assessment Week' across school and the children have been showing off what they can do! Well done everyone.  We demonstrated our reading and comprehension skills, completed arithmetic and reasoning papers  and were inspired to write own stories.  We watched a short video clip  called 'Bubbles' about a special journey that one little girl embarked on.  What a lot of creative and imaginative children we have in Owl Class!

We have been also been thinking about how our bodies change after exercise in our science lesson and we have also been using wooden mannequins to develop our sketching skills in art.


We have also been practising for our Christmas productions this week.  Year 2 children may wish to visit the website below to help them practise the songs:
Week Commencing: 20.11.17

Words and Your Heart

Words and Your Heart 1
Words and Your Heart 2
Words and Your Heart 3
Following on from our special 'Friendship Week' last week, we read the book 'Words and Your Heart' by Kate Jane Neal together.  We learnt that our words are very powerful and that we can use them to do good.  We are going to try and remember that our "words can actually change the way someones' heart feels.  The little bit inside of them that makes them, them."
Picture 1

2D and 3D Shapes


This week we have been thinking about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, and also symmetry.

Perhaps you might like to try playing games from these websites?  They will help you to revise and remember key information.

How much sugar is in the breakfast cereals we eat?

How much sugar is in the breakfast cereals we eat? 1
How much sugar is in the breakfast cereals we eat? 2
How much sugar is in the breakfast cereals we eat? 3
In Science this week we have been thinking about the amount of sugar that is in different breakfast cereals and about making healthy,balanced food choices.  The game below is about designing a healthy lunchbox.  Maybe you could have a try?

Just Keep Reading!

Just Keep Reading! 1
Just Keep Reading! 2
Just Keep Reading! 3
Congratulations to all of the children in Owl Class who have achieved 'Nemo's Challenge!' We now have a group of seven children who have read at home fifteen times with an adult for at least ten minutes.  This is super!  Good luck with whichever challenge you are on at the moment...and just keep reading!
Week Commencing: 13.11.17
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


As part of our special 'Friendship Week' this week, Owl Class has been thinking about how we are all different but all equal.  


We decorated our own individual 'All about Me' jigsaw pieces.  We added important names of our family, friends and pets and jotted down our favourite foods, hobbies and subjects. We thought carefully about the things that we have in common with our classmates and the things that make us unique.  We then managed to put all the pieces together - they fitted perfectly!  We considered how one person is like a single piece of the jigsaw but when we join together we become a very special community.


We have also read the book, 'You Be You', by Linda Kranz.  We learnt all about Adri who swam through the ocean meeting fish of different colours, sizes and shapes.  It taught us that, "we all have something special that only we can share." It's important for everyone to be themselves! 

Picture 1 Our completed jigsaw...a perfect fit!
Picture 2 What makes us unique!
Week Commencing: 6.11.17

Just Keep Reading!


We have started a new reading incentive in Owl Class this week and the children have responded so enthusiastically!  Well done on reading at home with an adult everyone!   By practising reading at home, you will become more confident, improve your fluency and develop your understanding too.  Plus there are some amazing prizes up for grabs!   Just keeping reading!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


As well as making a beautiful poppy wreath this week, pupils in Owl Class thought about all of the people who have fought and died in war.  We listened to the story 'Poppy's Day' and watched a BBC animation called 'Poppies'.  We wrote an acrostic poem together called 'Remember' too (below).  The children were very thoughtful and came up with some beautiful poems of their own. 

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Clap, Clap Game

We have been revising our number bonds (addition pairs) to 10 and 20 this week e.g. 7+3 = 10,

16 +4 = 20.  We are getting much quicker! The children have enjoyed the 'clap, clap' game to practise their mental maths skills and might want to play this at home too.  For bonds to 20, it might look like this:

Adult: Clap, Clap, 11

Pupil :Clap, Clap, 9

Adult: Clap, Clap, 5

Pupil: Clap, Clap, 15

Adult: Clap, Clap,17

Pupil: Clap, Clap, 3 etc

This week we are learning the 5 Times Table (multiplication facts) in class.  We have thought about how the multiples of 5 end, in a 0 or a 5, and that the 5 times table is half of the 10 times table.   Children might want to play the game below at home to help them to practise: