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Year 6 are learning how to write a Free Verse Poem. The children explored a number of objects found in a Dead Man's Chest!!!! There were old,rusty keys that were heavy and led the children into thinking they were keys to an old prison cell. Jewels, an old watch, daggers, guns, necklaces and a cursed fairy!! I am sure the story will unfold through their poems, explaining what all these mysterious objects are and where they are from.

This term we are learning about Classic Fiction

                                                                 This term we are learning about Classic Fiction  1

This term, we are learning about Classic Fiction stories. Herons will be discussing what makes a story a classic and identify lots of books they have read that they think are classic stories.

We are using the story The Wizard of Oz, to explore how to use Cohesive Devices in their writing, that in turn, engages the reader with their stories.

They will be learning how to use Adverbials, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and a range of punctuation in their writing.