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Science Week 2021

Science Week 2021 has taught us lots information about our digestive system and healthy eating.


On Monday we learnt about the digestive process and the purpose of each organ involved. 


Today we took our learning outside and had relay races to see which team could label their digestive system first. We also recreated the digestive system using drama techniques. 


On Wednesday, we followed the NFU (National Farmers Union) live lessons and learnt all about chickens. Children were then challenged to design their own incubator. 


On Thursday, Mr Dewhurst has a Zoom call with Kestrel and Heron Class. He answered the children's questions about farming and farm animals. We also got to see Lavender the lamb being bottle fed. 


On Friday we got to dress as a 'real life' scientist. It was fantastic to see a variety of jobs from vet, archeologist, electrician, architect and many more! 

Monday Week 2

Market Research

Today Kestrel Class carried our research to find out which smoothie flavours were the most popular. Children presented their data in a bar chart. 

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