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Preston Archives


It has been our school's 180th birthday and to celebrate we have been learning all about schools in the past. We have compared schools in the Victorian era to schools now! Year 2 had an exciting visit to Preston Archives, where we met David and he was able to share lots of information about our school. David then came into school on our birthday party and shared with the community maps, registers, planning etc. for our school. We had a fantastic time at the Archives and learned lots! Look at our photos below!

Astley Hall

We had a very exciting trip to Astley Hall just before Christmas! We gathered in the great hall to start and looked at all the fascinating portraits hung on the walls. We then split up and learned all about homes in the past, learning how to use a dolly, mangle and washboard. In the afternoon we experienced a 'very Victorian Christmas' singing carols, making Christmas cards and looking at old-fashioned toys. We had a really fun time, learning lots of facts. We were even able to show off all our history learning by sharing what we knew already about the Victorians! Look below at our photographs from the trip.