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Look what we've been learning!

English Learning:


In English we are focusing on animal adventure stories. On Tuesday we received a wanted poster for Mr Toad! We have started to read The Wind in the Willows and noticed that Mr Toad is in this story. We have been using noun phrases and adjectives to help us describe settings such as the riverbank. 

History learning:


In History we have been learning all about schools in the past. We have compared schools now and then, we all agreed that we prefer schools now! Miss Staziker pretended to be a Victorian teacher and we had to do drill, copperplate handwriting and nature drawing. 

Science learning:


We have been learning all about materials, we sorted and grouped them according to their properties. As our topic was ‘The Frozen Kingdom’ we had to design a coat that would keep us warm and dry in Antarctica. Therefore, we tested materials to see if they were waterproof and then designed a coat based on our findings.