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WC 29th April

This week we started our new topic of light in science. We played the game of ‘What’s in the bag?’ The children had to guess without looking what was inside, they then allowed light into the bag and could compare their guesses with the real objects. We looked at light sources and understood that dark is the absence of light. 

We researched folktales on the iPads during English and created a checklist of features that are included, ready for when we write our own! 

In maths we have focused on adding and subtracting mentally, using jottings to support. 

WC 23rd April 

Welcome back after Easter, I hope that you had a lovely break. The children have settled in really well and are working hard already. We have started our work on folktales and looked at ‘The Lancashire Giant’ in particular. In maths we have been looking at using multiplication facts to solve problems, it has really got us thinking. This half term for our DT we will be designing and creating packaging for our Roman mosaics that we made last half term, we evaluated existing packaging this week. 

WC 1st April - Science Week!! (Please see sub page). 

WC 18th March

This week in maths we have been focusing on positions on a squared grid, we used the grid on the playground to help us. Remember, along the corridor and up the stairs! We have also done lots of active maths this week too! 

In English we wrote our own persuasive letters, persuading someone to join the Roman army, using all of the facts and features that we have been learning in class. 


WC 11th March - Storytelling Week! 


What an exciting week in school! We had a visit from the author Tom McLaughlin, read books to one another, created puppets and made journey sticks. We started work on ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, using talk for writing methods to help us remember the first chapter.  Please see the pictures below. 

WC 4th March

This week the children have been collecting lots of information about the Roman army ready to write their own persuasive letters. They used their research and note taking skills to gather lots of facts. In topic we learnt all about Julius Caesar and researched him using the iPads. We are continuing our work on plants this half term for our science, we are currently investigating what a plant needs to grow. We have set up an investigation, looking at variables and constants. We are regularly checking on our plants, measuring how tall they are and making observations. 

In maths we have been focusing on using written methods to help us solve addition and subtraction problems. We discussed the meaning of the word efficient and now understand what it means in terms of our learning in maths. We looked at written methods, partitioning, compensating and using base 10. The children then chose the most efficient method to help them solve the problems. 

On Friday during our ICT session we looked at sending emails on a safe platform within purple mash and he children were able to receive, reply and send emails back to Miss Staziker. 

WC 25th Feb - Welcome back, I hoe that you have had a lovely February half term, the children have come back ready for to learn. We have begun our English topic this half term by looking at persuasive letters, we used a conscience alley to try and persuade our friends to do something. For example, your friends are going to the cinema to watch the latest film but your parents say you can’t go. Do you lie and go anyway or stay at home? We read together two books that have letters inside and generated and answered questions using the question grid and hands. We have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties, parallel and perpendicular lines and angles that are bigger/smaller than a right angle. The children gave each other instructions outside using this knowledge for example turn 180 degrees left, take 2 steps forward. Well done kingfishers, a super first week back. 

WC 11th Feb - This week the children finished their own mystery novel in the style of the Famous Five. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading their novels, they are fantastic! The children remembered to include all of the features such as setting and character descriptions, tension and suspense, paragraphs, lots of descriptions using adjectives and adverbs. Well done Kingfishers! In maths we have been breaking up arrays and using them to help solve multiplication problems. We then moved onto using the grid method. We have really enjoyed our Egyptian topic this half term...Have a look at some of our Egyptian masks that we designed and created! 

WC 28th Jan - Maths Week (Please see sub page to find out what we got up to!) 


WC 4th Feb - This week the children have been really busy during our science work learning all about the different parts of a plant. They used the iPads to help research each of the parts and they then demonstrated their learning through presentations to the rest of the class. In maths we focused on capacity and volume, we used the calibrations on the measuring jugs and cylinders to help measure water accurately. 

WC 21st January

Another busy week in school, the children have been enjoying their tri-golf sessions and we have also been learning skills for invasion games, this week we focused on a chest pass. We have been using the role play method of ‘Garden fence gossip’ in English, the children ‘gossiped’ about the werebouts of the Famous Five! We continued our learning of fractions in maths and related it to division. The children found out all about the Leeds and Liverpool canal near us as part of our learning in geography. 

WC 14th January 

This week during maths we have been focusing on fractions, we have been finding fractions of numbers using practical equipment, drawings and number lines. 

We have continued our work on the famous five in English and have raised questions and made predictions based on the story so far. 

WC 7th January 

Happy new year! The children have made a great start to the year, they have been working hard and have all come back raring to go.

Tuesday morning was strange, when we arrived back in class from break time our classroom was a complete mess! Chairs and tables tipped up, clothes and wanted posters had been left. The children made predictions and thought it could be linked to our new class novel ‘The Famous Five - Five get into trouble’. The children has asked for any information to be passed on please to regarding Richards kidnapper. 

We have been developing our mental strategies in maths, using different methods to help us solve addition and subtraction problems. 

Our topic this half term is ‘Mummies Galore’, we will learn all about ancient Egypt in history and we are studying our local area in geography. Lots of exciting things planned... I’m sure it will be a great half term. 

WC 26th November 

This week we played active maths games outside, developing our knowledge of the 3 and 4 times tables. Miss Staziker would give us a question, and we had to work it out and run to the correct side of the playground depending on whether the answer would be odd or even. 

We investigated with magnets during science, learning whether they would repel or attract when two were put together. 

WC 19th November

This week in Kingfisher class we have been learning all about stage directions and dialogue used in play scripts. We have been very busy in maths using different methods to help us solve division problems, we used bead strings, cubes, counters, number lines and groups. We have started learning all about touch typing in ICT and begun learning all about home row, bottom row and top row keys on a keyboard. We answered the question ‘where in the world is Italy?’ and learned all about the surrounding seas and countires that Italy borders with. 

WC 12th November

I would like to start by saying a big well done to each and every child in Kingfisher Class for such a fantastic assembly on Thursday afternoon. You really did do me proud! You were also amazing ambassadors for the school when we visited Bistecca for our school trip on Tuesday. Well done.

This week in Maths we have been learning how to use a written method to help us solve multiplication problems.. some were very tricky and really made us think! In English we have continued with our work on playscripts and we became film directors reviewing the first few scenes of Mamma Mia. It has also been friendship week this week in school and we have done lots of work around this subject. We read together 'The Invisible Boy' and thought about how it would feel to be in his position, we also created friendship bracelets for someone else in the school. An absolutely fantastic week in school Kingfishers, well done!

Wc 5th November 

Another great week in Kingfisher class. We have been busy learning our lines for our class assembly next week and making props! Our English work has involved us reading and performing play scripts, the children really got into the characters. We have been sorting numbers using Venn diagrams in maths and our work has focused on the three and four times tables. We have been noticing patterns and recognising multiples that overlap in times tables. 

Mr Conway introduced our new topic in geography - Italy. The children researched famous monuments and created fact files. We thought about what we would like to learn about Italy and hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to answer some of those questions. 

WC 29th October

What a busy week we have had in school! The children have worked really hard finishing their fables in English and we begun our new topic of 'Mamma Mia', looking at live play performances. In Maths we were solving addition and subtraction problems using a written method. It was our last week learning about hunter gatherers, the children used iPads to scan QR codes and gather information about how they hunted their food. We then compared hunter gatherers to neolithic farmers, looking at the similarities and differences. 

WC 8th October

This week we have been learning all about perimeter in maths, ask your child whether they can remember what it is. We worked out the perimeter of different shapes, first by using art straws to help then we moved onto using a ruler to help us measure in cm. 

In English the children planned their own fable, innovating their own version of 'The Hare and the Tortoise'. I can't wait to read them next week!

On Friday Mr Wilson reported some strange bone shaped things in the garden when he was clearing up ready for 'Green Day' next week. We used facts and clues to help us figure out what and who they were from. Keep your eyes peeled...

Harvest Rap

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WC 1st October

This week we have been focusing on 2D shapes in maths, and the children have learnt how to use a protractor to find right angles. 

In English we have continued our work on fables, we 'hot seated' the Hare and the Tortoise and worked together to find out the moral of the fable in groups. Next week we will begin to write our own version of 'The Hare and the Tortoise'. 

The children are still enjoying Judo and Samba on a Monday and working on their athletics skills with Adele on a Wednesday. 

Well done Kingfishers, another great week.

WC 24th September

Another great week working hard in class, the children have been adding and subtracting using mental strategies in maths. In English we have started looking at fables, the children made predictions about what they thought some of the fables could be about before actually hearing them. 

We have been learning a harvest rap, ready to perform to the rest of the school next Friday during our harvest assembly. Some of the children wanted to practise at home so here are the words below!

Harvest Rap

WC 17th September

What an exciting first few weeks we have had back in school. The children have settled in really well and are quickly learning the new routines of being a junior! Well done children. 

We have been really busy in Kingfisher class... from understanding place value in three digit numbers, to a visit from a dinosaur! We even have CCTV footage of it in our out! 

The children have been working really hard in all areas. They have been enjoying PE with specialist teachers of Judo and Sports Hall Athletics. Our music lessons on a Monday afternoon with Mr Fitton are going down a treat. In maths the children have been working hard, looking at place value and rounding to the nearest 10. We are now moving onto finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a given number, and how to add and subtract numbers mentally. In English, the children are finalising their ideas for their own dinosaur poem and will be writing them very shortly. Our afternoons have been full of exciting activities learning all about different types of rocks and the layers of the Earth, and I'm sure that they have been having fun learning in Jigsaw with Mrs Clarke.